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My Love for Mario

I must admit, the fact of starting to blog was a little intimidating at first and it took me a while to even get the guts to put anything on here. I couldn’t think of anything to write about that would even interest anyone! This morning I posted a picture of my latest order from Mario Badescu on Instagram and Brooke made a comment that suggested I blog about my love for Mario! After reading her suggestion, I thought, hmmm, this blogging thing won’t be as hard as I thought! After all, I love all kinds of different products and I am basically a shop-o-holic who internet shops at least 2 times a month! Why not share my great product finds with the world, right? So, I can surely say that my first blog is dedicated to Brooke, thanks for the inspiration!

mario badescu products

Mario Badescu is my absolute favorite skin care line! I order from them all the time and I am never disappointed! Mario has reasonable prices and does promotional sales with cute little gifts all the time! They send me $10.00 for my birthday each year and if you order at least $50.00 or more shipping is always free! With each Mario order, you get to choose 3 samples to try out! I stock up on samples of eye creams and facial masks so I don’t have to bother buying a full size, but sometimes I come across samples I love so much that I splurge for the real deal!


One of those samples that I just had to buy in the full size is Mario’s Whitening Mask! After using this mask my skin looks amazing! It brightens uneven skin tones and minimizes any old acne scars or discoloration from the sun. I know that Sasha uses this mask too and after using it her boyfriend Ben asked her what in the world she had done to look so good! The fact that a man noticed a difference proves that Mario’s Whitening Mask is absolutely worth the splurge (24.00 for 2 oz)!

mario badescu whitening mask
Another one of my favorite Mario products is their Drying Lotion! This stuff is amazing! It is made up of pink and clear liquid that stays separated, DO NOT SHAKE! To use, dip a Q Tip down inside the bottle and dab the pink reminisce on your zits before bedtime. When you wake up clean your face as normal and you will notice the dramatic difference this stuff makes overnight! This Drying Lotion is a serious weapon against zits! For only $17.00 for 1 oz it is totally worth it, it lasts forever too! I have problem skin and mine lasted me a whole year! I don’t think they give samples of this stuff so you will just have to take my word for it! (I just read that it takes the itch out of bug bites too!)

Some of my favorite Mario products that I use every day are the Enzyme Cleansing Gel the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion and the Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 30)! I am lost without these three products. I have tried numerous Mario cleansers, toners and moisturizer but these three remain my favorites! I also recommend the Cellufirm Moisturizer but watch out because it doesn’t have any SPF!

My skin has improved greatly since I have started using Mario products and I still enjoy finding new favorites! I have my long time friend Autumn to thank for introducing me to Mario! We both share this love for Mario products and we talk about one day traveling to New York and getting a facial at the Mario Badescu store! I hope this inspires you to try some Mario, Brooke! Go get your Mario on and find your own favorites!



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