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Saturday Morning 3/30/13

This Saturday morning we are all over the place. Two of us are in the Northwest (Brooke & Sasha) and the other two are in the Southeast (Laura & Jeanne). Sasha hopped on a plane on Friday and flew out to meet a good friend in Seattle. Her bravery of getting on the plane paid off…..she’s having a blast and loves Seattle. On Saturday morning, she took a nice long walk by herself enjoying the beauty of the water and the mountains. It’s so good for the soul to take time for yourself and enjoy nature in the quiet of the morning.IMG_20130330_083716

Winter is quickly ending in Alaska and Spring is right around the corner so Brooke is racing to get her Winter checklist complete. She’s finishing up on house project #17 of the season and busy paining all the interior doors of the house.  When I called her, she happened to be shopping at a  store that is going out of business.  She has to be productive while the paint on the doors is taking time to dry.  So why not shop!


Laura was busy at work and then put together these lovely flowers to take to her Great Grandma to show her love for her and wish her a Happy Easter.


A dear friend of mine, Amy and I met for lunch.  We’ve been friends for over 30 years and hadn’t seen each other for 10 years.  It was as though we’d started just where we left off and we reconnected during our 3 hour lunch. There is nothing as valuable as a good friend. Someone that knows the good, the bad and the ugly about you and still loves you. The best part of our friendship  is if I ever need her or she ever needs me, I know we will be there for each other. She made my day!


Come the end of this week, Brooke, Laura, Sasha and I will be together and we can’t wait to relax and have fun together.

Also, let’s not forget this is Easter weekend and such an exciting time for those of faith. Why? Because Christ rose from the dead and lives! If you believe in him, you will have eternal life. Take a moment this Easter to reflect on all He did for you. He will change your life forever. Happy Easter Everyone.



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Munchie Monday: Better Than Your Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ooh, Lawd! They must be good. My Monday evening plans for a workout just went out the window. I’m making these cookies instead!

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Fear of flying is a fear of being on an airplane (aeroplane), or other flying vehicle, such as a helicopter, while in flight. It is also sometimes referred to as aerophobia,aviatophobia, or aviophobia.

I desperately need all of your help. I am not sure when this phobia started or why because when I was younger I was able to fly in planes for family vacations without batting an eyelash. It must be something about getting older really makes you scared of more things. For example, roller coasters, car crashes, and planes all now scare me. Take off and landing are the worst for me by far but any turbulence while in the air also makes me grip the arm rest as hard as I possibly can and clench my  mouth & eyes shut. I am used to the stares from the other passengers at this point 🙂

Thankfully I can still muster up the courage to get on a plane. Last year I went to visit Brooke in Alaska, two years before that I was in Portugal for my 21st, and later this year I will be flying again. I refuse to let my fear stop me from going places (it just takes a Xanax or a couple cocktails at the gate before departure) but regardless of the steps I take to prevent it I still experience a high level of anxiety, crying (sometimes), and always that fun look of sheer panic on my face.


Myself enjoying a mimosa before the long flight to Alaska. The look of terror is already starting! I mean who needs two hands to hold a mimosa? I was trembling here, haha

At the end of this month I will be flying to visit my good friend Katie in Seattle for her birthday. To prepare myself I am starting to envision myself sitting on the plane to make the process a little smoother, right? No. Instantly I feel nauseous, hot, and I start to breathe fast. Not a good start.

So here is where I need your help: I am a firm believer in the power of music and using it to change moods, attitudes, and feelings. It even helps with depression! So I am going to make a playlist for the trip. I cant decide if I want songs to help me remain calm, (Norah Jones -ish) or if I want some songs to pump me up (“Eye of the Tiger” or “Harlem Shake” really gets me going during a workout. Then I would feel all, “Go Sasha you can kick this plane rides ass! In the face!”) But if you would give me some of your favorite song suggestions I could really use them! It will be a 4 hour plane ride & I would like to be distracted for most of them. Really, any suggestions you have would be appreciated.


I actually was in this 10 seater plane flying over Denali National Park in Alaska!! (See, I CAN do it!)

Here’s to hoping that this plane ride goes as smoothly as possible! (Literally, PLEASE GOD DONT LET THERE BE TURBULENCE!)



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Saturday Morning 3.2.13

Good (Saturday) Morning!

Its time for our weekly Saturday morning post & this week none other than yours truly has the honors.

Jeanne spent her morning trying to get over her cold with the help of medicine, tea, and lots of Vitamin C! (Hey, that rhymed!) We hope you feel better soon! She also booked our cottage for the get together we have planned in April on Tybee Island. We are staying at the “Inlet Breeze” Cottage and looks adorable! We cant wait to see you & Wynn, Brooke! It will be a fun time filled with lots of wine, laughter, and relaxation that we are all looking forward to!




Our Beach Cottage for April!


Love the beach-y decor!

Laura had to work for the afternoon but made the most of her day by looking stylish and rocking her brand new boots! They are camel colored over-the-knee leather boots that she has rolled down. They match perfectly with her brand new watch her “Boo” (AKA: Chad) got her & the pretty owl earrings she just bought from Decatur. Shop til’ you drop! Laura had the most fashionable Saturday morning.


Laura’s new boots


Laura’s new watch


Laura’s new owl earrings. Stylin’ & Profilin’

Brooke had her Saturday planned to go out on a large boat for several days to survey marine birds & mammals along the coast of Kenai Fjords National Park. (How cool is that? Brooke is the bravest person I know) Unfortunately, the seas were too big and they were not able to go, rain check! So instead she got to spend the morning indoors with her best friend and her brand new adorable baby, which I’m sure she is not too upset about. (They gave the babysitters a break so they could watch the start of the Iditarod! Oh the joys of living in Alaska!)

English: Aialik Glacier in the Kenai Fjords Na...

Aialik Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park


Actual boat Brooke was going to sea on. Were happy you decided to play it safe!


Cutest baby in Alaska!

Lastly, my Saturday morning was spent getting some much needed rest. I slept in until 9, which doesn’t sound like much but I am naturally an early riser and usually cant sleep in much later than 7. One 17-hour shift + two 15-hour shifts + one new niece (will post about that later) = a very tired me. Plus it is chilly & overcast today, the perfect weather for sleeping-in. After getting some rest I went to find the perfect accessory for our newly painted master bath.


The view from my bed


Freshly painted bathroom. “Oyster Pearl” Valspar paint


A sweet birdcage from TJ Maxx for $8 to hang above the loo. I love it!

I hope all of your Saturday mornings were as fashionable, relaxing, and filled with love as ours!

– Sasha

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