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Our adventures take us to places near and far (a walk to the cute coffee shop down the street, road tripping through California, a hike to a favorite waterfall, or the backcountry of Alaska), and we love each and every one of them.


Fear of flying is a fear of being on an airplane (aeroplane), or other flying vehicle, such as a helicopter, while in flight. It is also sometimes referred to as aerophobia,aviatophobia, or aviophobia.

I desperately need all of your help. I am not sure when this phobia started or why because when I was younger I was able to fly in planes for family vacations without batting an eyelash. It must be something about getting older really makes you scared of more things. For example, roller coasters, car crashes, and planes all now scare me. Take off and landing are the worst for me by far but any turbulence while in the air also makes me grip the arm rest as hard as I possibly can and clench my  mouth & eyes shut. I am used to the stares from the other passengers at this point 🙂

Thankfully I can still muster up the courage to get on a plane. Last year I went to visit Brooke in Alaska, two years before that I was in Portugal for my 21st, and later this year I will be flying again. I refuse to let my fear stop me from going places (it just takes a Xanax or a couple cocktails at the gate before departure) but regardless of the steps I take to prevent it I still experience a high level of anxiety, crying (sometimes), and always that fun look of sheer panic on my face.


Myself enjoying a mimosa before the long flight to Alaska. The look of terror is already starting! I mean who needs two hands to hold a mimosa? I was trembling here, haha

At the end of this month I will be flying to visit my good friend Katie in Seattle for her birthday. To prepare myself I am starting to envision myself sitting on the plane to make the process a little smoother, right? No. Instantly I feel nauseous, hot, and I start to breathe fast. Not a good start.

So here is where I need your help: I am a firm believer in the power of music and using it to change moods, attitudes, and feelings. It even helps with depression! So I am going to make a playlist for the trip. I cant decide if I want songs to help me remain calm, (Norah Jones -ish) or if I want some songs to pump me up (“Eye of the Tiger” or “Harlem Shake” really gets me going during a workout. Then I would feel all, “Go Sasha you can kick this plane rides ass! In the face!”) But if you would give me some of your favorite song suggestions I could really use them! It will be a 4 hour plane ride & I would like to be distracted for most of them. Really, any suggestions you have would be appreciated.


I actually was in this 10 seater plane flying over Denali National Park in Alaska!! (See, I CAN do it!)

Here’s to hoping that this plane ride goes as smoothly as possible! (Literally, PLEASE GOD DONT LET THERE BE TURBULENCE!)




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Turning SAD into Maui!

In 2010, my husband and I moved to Alaska. It’s wonderful, amazing, breath-taking. It is also very dark and gloomy during the months of December and January. Being from the south, I had no idea what a positive influence sunshine has on one’s mind, body, and soul. This winter, though, the full impact of a lack of bright colors hit me like a ton of bricks. I suffered from…gasp… seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. I tried exercise, eating healthy, taking midday walks and skis, and focusing on new year’s resolutions — all good things to do anyway, right!? None of it worked to get me all the way out of my SAD little slump, though.

On a Thursday morning two weeks ago, I sat straight up in bed and said, “I have to go to Hawaii — for my health.”  Never mind that I can’t really afford the time off work or the extra spending. This vacation was a necessity–the first one I’ve ever truly needed for my well-being. Thankfully, I have a dear friend who lives on Maui. Seven days and a five-hour direct flight later, I found my remedy.

Sun, warmth, salt water. Yep, this is what I needed.

Sun, warmth, salt water. Yep, this is what I needed.

I made no plans and no expectations for the trip. I simply wanted to be in the sun, warmth, and salt water. Jogs in the morning, coffee and wine (depending on the time of day) on Kelley’s front porch, cocktails at restaurants with incredible views, beach bumming with some wonderful new friends, beach cruising through Lahaina, and many hours of laughter with a wonderful old friend pretty much sums up the trip.

Beach bumming with my Kelley girl, her good friends, and Morgan the dog.

Beach bumming with my Kelley girl, her good friends, and Morgan the dog.

As a result of my quick five day trip to the islands, I am my happy, energetic self again. (And I think my husband is just as glad I went to Hawaii as I am.)

We had fan-TAS-tic cocktails at Honu

We had fan-TAS-tic cocktails at Honu

We’re constantly being scolded and warned about exposure to sun. I’m here to tell you, though, the positive benefits of sunlight are not to be taken for granted. I will not go another winter without making plans to go to a sunny place in January. I encourage everyone to step out into the morning sun, let it warm your body and fill you with energy, and use that positive energy to carry you lightly through the day.

looking up at the bright sky (and smiling)

looking up at the bright sky (and smiling)

At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

And I have to give a shout out to Kelley's store, Pakaloha Bikinis! They make even my white Alaskan booty look ok. ;-)

And I have to give a shout out to Kelley’s store, Pakaloha Bikinis! They make even my white Alaskan booty look ok. 😉


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