The Simple Things

Feeling renewed and centered from my recent trip to Maui, I’ve been approaching the simple things in life with renewed excitement. Here are a few highlights that I especially love.

A clutter-free counter that I love -- more of my kitchen ideas on my Pinterest board, kitchens

A clutter-free counter that I love — more of my kitchen ideas on my Pinterest board, kitchens

1. Purge, toss, hide. I’m a big fan of this anyway, and this weekend, I purged my kitchen in preparation of an upcoming renovation (more to come on that). Haven’t used it in a year? Toss it. Have two (OMG three!?) of a gadget? Toss it. Wedding gift hasn’t been used six years later? Toss it. The result: six bags of items to donate and neat, clutter free cabinets, half of which will soon be open shelves. There are some great tips for doing this on Apartment Therapy and DIY Life. My inspiration came from the latest issue of Mother Earth Living, formerly Herb Companion, which arguably has the best home life articles of any out there (without an over abundance of ads).

2. Animals to soothe. It’s no secret that viewing animals reduces one’s stress. While I love my adorable dogs, Mango and Cokie, I decided I needed a little more. The result: two small and easy fish tanks (betta in a bowl, five gallon tank to transport me to the tropics) and a simple bird feeder.

A 5-gallon tank (thanks, Katrina!) brings a touch of Tahiti into my living room.

A 5-gallon tank (thanks, Katrina!) brings a touch of Tahiti into my living room.

3. Knitting. I love knitting, but I rarely have time for it anymore. Over the weekend, I made time and focused on a few quick projects to keep my attention (with all natural wool, hand-dyed yarn). The result: a hat and mittens for my best friend’s new baby. Want to try knitting? Visit Ravelry for thousands of free patterns. You Tube has all the how-to videos you need to get started.

knit newborn hat from baby alpaca wool in pink and orange

knit newborn hat from baby alpaca wool in pink and orange

4. Turn off the TV. My husband and I have a six-month cable plan. Each year in October we get cable, and then in March, we cancel it. It may sound silly, but it’s our balance between wasting hours in front of the tube (necessary during those long winter nights) and focusing on the many other, more productive activities without it. Instead of watching TV, we are reading, talking, knitting, and working on house projects together.

5. Celebrate love. OK, you’re saying, “duh! Of course.” But, we all get in our habits and routines. From time to time, it’s so important to spend time and energy focusing on the one you love and the relationship you share — the love, fun, laughs, quirks, and interests of the couple and the individuals in it. I am so thankful that I have a wonderful husband and a healthy marriage. It’s a love worth celebrating daily, constantly.

Sasha, Laura, and Jeanne — I know you’re always focusing on the simple things in life. What is your latest “simple” focus?



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3 responses to “The Simple Things

  1. I love this post! I can only imagine what a few days in Maui can do for your soul & well-being! I am trying to be clutter free as well, dumped all Bens clothes in our guest bedroom (I’ll take a pic to humor you, it’s embarrassing) and we are getting rid of half! Because he wears the same 10 things anyway & come on Ben time to let the high school A&F jeans go. I can’t wait to see my closet floor again. And I can’t wait to see your kitchen! Open shelves will look so good! Home improvement stuff is so fun & rewarding. So what did you name the fishies?

    • Ben and Chad are both so bad about keeping old, ratty clothes around. I think they both have issues b/c they used to always fight over the best/favorite shirt, jeans, shoes, belt when they were kids. Haha! I’ll post lots of pics of the kitchen. And no, I didn’t name the fishes. They’re just Fish 1, Fish 2… I count them every day to make sure none have died.

  2. Haha how nice. I hope fish 1 & 2 live long lives. Finally some insight into why Bens the way he is with his clothes/shoes/ties hoarding! Lol

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