Saturday morning: 2.16.13

It’s Saturday evening but let’s just pretend it’s Saturday morning for a moment. Today was my responsible day to gather photos and post the Saturday Morning blog for the group. It started off well. Chad always liked a really big breakfast on the weekend and he is cooking one big one. Nice way to start the morning, Laura.


Chad cooking Laura a big Saturday morning breakfast


Two fried eggs over easy and four slices of crispy bacon


And breakfast is served!

Nurse Sasha is working this morning. It’s one of those crisp, sunny, blue sky days. I know she is wishing she was out and about but it’s an illusion. It’s cold, windy and freezing outside. Work hard, Nurse Sasha.


Then Brooke awoke on island time. She’s relaxing in Maui this week. A hop, skip and jump away from cold Alaska. Enjoy your hot sunshine, Brookie Baby.


Brooke is relaxing and watching the morning sea.

This morning was the day, the one I’ve been dreading for months. Time to clean out one, two, three, four(count them) closets! Yes, it took most of the day.


The before picture. Shoes everywhere lead to frustrating mornings and hunting for that right shoe to make a pair (does this relate to the missing sock issue?)


The After photo!!!!! Shoes that I haven’t seen in months and each pair is together. I felt like I was shopping at a shoe store.

I’ve been finding treasures all day long and feel like I’ve been on a shopping spree. Happy Saturday Morning, girls!


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  1. Laura & Brooke def had the best Saturdays! I cannot believe all your shoes Jeanne! That is amazing. I need a shoe holder like that, I store all mine under our bed in these massive plastic tubs. Maybe its time I get some spring cleaning done too!

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