Putting pen to paper

So hear we are starting a new, computer-based journal and our first entry is about… the joy of using real paper! The thing about using real paper is, you have to be committed. Here’s what we mean.

Sasha bought Laura and I these adorable customized day planners as Christmas gifts. I’m using mine to track calories and keep track of my long to-do lists (graduate school, bluh).


From May Designs (maydesigns.com)

Jeanne and Laura are both journaling this year. Jeanne’s approach is so quick and easy. She dedicates one page to a week. Each night, she writes just a sentence or two about the most memorable thing from the day.

Sasha and I both appreciate the art of hand written cards and have been committed to writing them for years. We’re stepping it up this year, though!

An assortment of plain notecards and stamps for any occasion

An assortment of plain notecards and stamps for any occasion

Here’s hoping we’re all still writing on real paper (and blogging) when we ring in 2014!




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6 responses to “Putting pen to paper

  1. I also am very fond of the handwritten letters. Be looking in the mail soon. It was like you read my mind with this post. No journaling for me though, the blog updates will now be my journal. Sorry if they suck, I am a newbie 🙂

  2. Ooooh! A hand written letter? For me? How exciting. I can’t wait! (Who cares if it’s a crayon drawing of a stick figure — it’s REAL mail – how thoughtful!)

  3. Its better than regular handwritten mail. You will love it. It doesn’t say “open with caution” on the envelope for nothin’ 😉 Gonna have to wait and see

  4. I love my calendar as well! I use it daily to keep track of EVERYTHING!! I have been journal-ing but I go into such detail that I often get behind! I need to try and stay on track. As for hand written letters, my hand writing is awful and I’m not the greatest speller! Thank goodness for spell check. Lol!

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